Engineering Services

Our cooperation with Delmar Systems AS gives you as a customer a safe and reliable engineering service. We have good technical solutions and analysis tools for your project.

Our teams challenges varies considerably, based on environmental conditions and geographical locations on a project. Using the latest and most advanced analytical techniques available, we provide site-specific mooring and offshore subsea services even in the most challenging places in the world.


Mooring analysis and design

In cooperation with Delmar System, we have extensive experience in designing and providing engineering services for all types of anchoring systems regardless of climate, environmental conditions and geographical constraints.

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Offshore technical support

Moray Systems offers engineering services to different types of projects. We have extensive expertise in anchoring systems.

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Anchor technology and mooring

We offer various services within anchoring technology and different products. Our innovations include Delmar RAR PLUS, Delmar Subsea Connector (DSC), Delmar Chaser Stopper (DCS, Delmar Quick Realse (DQR) and Delmar Engineering Anchor program (DEAP).

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Design of special equipment for offshore and subsea industry

Moray Systems offers special equipment and design to suit your requirements and type of operation.

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Towing analysis

By using special equipment combined with proper analysis software, Moray Systems, in cooperation with Delmar Systems, performs transfer of large subsea subsystems/rig.

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