RAR Plus™ – Now available for rental in Norway

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RAR Plus™ are now available for rental in Norway. We have now on Rig set available for mobilizations from our base at Mongstad.


RAR Plus™ is our latest generation of cuplings. Improvements from the predesessor RAR are many, but pherhaps the most importan imporovements is the development of an independent mechanical backup release feature, in addition to the acoustic release.


On our base at Mongstad


Our latest coupling, the RAR 6500 has following news

  • Increased Minimum Break Load (MBL) for increased robustness
  • Increased release load rating for greater flexibility
  • Independent backup mechanical release for ultimate reliability
  • Remote direct and indirect tension monitoring for enhanced risk mitigation
  • ABS and DNV Certified Mooring Component
  • Trigger-sleeve nesting capability for faster rig disconnects not dependent on AHTS vessels

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